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Uzm. Dr. T. Alpay DEMİREL

He was born in Antalya. He completed primary and secondary school in Gonen / Isparta.
After graduating from Antalya High School, he entered Akdeniz University Faculty of Medicine.
He graduated in 1984. He completed his compulsory service in Çaylar/Varto/Muş province.
In 1988, he won the Department of Thoracic Surgery of Trakya University Faculty of Medicine as a result of the TUS exam. He became a Thoracic Surgeon Specialist in 1992.
He worked as a Thoracic Surgeon at Isparta State Hospital for 20 years.
He worked on Health Law and total quality management.
From Ministry of Health Certified GETAT Trainings; She received training on Acupuncture, Ozone therapy, Hypnotherapy, Cupping therapy, Hirudo therapy.
With a holistic approach to the human body, Dr. He saw and adopted the patient approach, treatment and practical applications within the RTM System established by Mustafa Yaşar, and he treats his patients with a holistic approach within the RTM system.