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Treatment in the RTM System:
The purpose of treatment in the RTM system; What we can describe as a state of full health is the ability of a person to live in full well-being without the need for any supportive product or application.
Treatment; It starts with the determination of the source of the patient's complaints with the RTM system diagnostic methods. Initiating the disease process; source of causes and consequences.
The contamination of the body causes the systems to deteriorate, and the deterioration of the systems causes changes in the DNA codes. The process called disease is the body's new set points in the RTM system. The contamination of the body, the disruption of systems and the resulting code changes in DNA are called the disease tyria in the RTM system.
Treatment in the RTM system; Reversal of the disease tiria: cleansing the body, regulating the systems and changing the DNA codes, that is, by activating the therapeutic tirade.
The treatment protocols of the patients are created individually. The backbone of treatment in the RTM system is RTM phytotherapeutics. In addition, traditional treatment methods that will accelerate the treatment process are included in the protocol according to the needs of the person. More than 25 modern and traditional medicine treatment methods are successfully applied in RTM system treatments.
RTM System Treatment Processes:
First Stage: The patient is in full health within the framework of the protocols of the RTM system with his current medical drugs.
Second Stage: The patient is in full health with only RTM system protocols without the need for current medical drugs.
Final Stage: The patient is in full health without the need for current medical medications and RTM System protocols.
This process progresses gradually according to the patient's condition.
RTM System Treatment Methods:
RTM Phytotherapeutics:
RTM phytotherapeutics, Dr. The formulas that Mustafa Yaşar has developed in his nearly 30 years of medical life, the studies he has done with various universities, and the R&D and P&D studies are completed within the body of RTM and are produced exclusively for RTM patients at RTM Nutraceutic Industry "Naturin". The efficacy of RTM Phytotherapeutics has been proven in a growing number of academic articles and tens of thousands of fully recovered patients.
In addition to RTM phytotherapeutics in treatment protocols, treatments used to accelerate the process:


Fitoterapi, kelime anlamıyla bitkisel tedavi olarak tanımlanabilir. Fitoterapinin geçmişi yüzlerce yıl öncesine dayanmaktadır.


Acupuncture, a core component of traditional Chinese medicine, is widely used by today's practitioners to treat pain. Increasingly, the use of acupuncture for general health, including stress management, is becoming common again.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy is an ancient treatment method. Cupping therapy, also called hijama, is a treatment method that dates back to ancient times. It is known that Cupping is practiced in Ancient Egyptian Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Arabian Medicine and European Medicine. For this reason, it is impossible to see Cupping Therapy as part of any civilization; It is one of the ancient treatment methods used in many parts of the world for thousands of years.

Ozone Therapy

Conditions such as stress, sedentary life, unhealthy diet and bad habits that we are exposed to in modern life increase the accumulation of toxins and oxygen deficiency in our body. This paves the way for chronic fatigue, premature aging, diseases and cancer. We may have to do more than just breathe to ensure adequate oxygenation. Ozone Therapy is one of the most important known treatment methods that provide the oxygen that people need in the most effective way and eliminate toxins.

Hirudo Therapy

Hirudo Therapy, also known as leech therapy, is a treatment method used to treat diseases using medical leeches. Leeches have been used therapeutically throughout history, but their use has declined as time progressed and pharmacotherapy became more widespread. In recent scientific studies, the detection of many biologically and pharmacologically effective bioactive substances in the secretion that leeches give to the tissue they bite during blood sucking has brought this method back to the agenda in addition to conventional treatment.

PRP Treatment

PRP is the abbreviation of "Platelet Rich Plasma". It means serum enriched by platelet cells in the blood. In this method, the drug is prepared from the patient's own blood. So it is a natural treatment method. In general, the patient's blood taken through the vein is put into the tube and put into it with a high-speed motor for 10-15 minutes.


Injecting proliferative and irritating hypertonic solutions (dextrose, etc.) into the body is a treatment method based on the process of developing a healing defense principle against the inflammation that occurs. In this treatment method, injections are usually made into injured and worn tendons, ligaments and joints. Depending on the patient's complaints and imaging results, 3-6 sessions can be applied every 3-4 weeks. The aim of prolotherapy is not only the relief of pain, but the improvement of the disease causing the pain.

Manual Therapy / RTM Manipulations

Manual Therapy is a clinical approach that uses specific techniques, including, but not limited to, manipulation practices used by Doctors and Physiotherapists to diagnose and treat soft tissues and joint structures. Manual Therapy is used to relieve pain, reduce limitation of movement, reduce or eliminate soft tissue inflammation, promote elasticity, accelerate contractile and non-contractile tissue repair, and facilitate movement.

Magnetic Field Therapy

One of the forces that protects the atom's own structure and regulates its interaction with other atoms is the electromagnetic force. The electromagnetic force consists of electromagnetic waves. The smallest energy particle that creates the total energy of electromagnetic waves is called a photon (quant). Our body's communication at the submolecular level takes place with the help of electromagnetic signals, namely biophotons.

Hot Magno Therapy

It is a method that combines Hot Magno Therapy, Magnetotherapy, Heat Therapy and Microvibration treatments and can apply all of them to the patient at the same time. It provides a therapeutic effect locally to the applied person. Hot Magno application contributes to healing by producing a constant, rhythmic pulsed magnetic field that effectively changes the electrical potential of our body's nerves and cells, has pain-relieving properties and accelerates the healing process of injured tissues. Hot Magno works at the cellular level, activating a series of enzymatic processes to the treated area, which helps ionic materials move in and out of cells.

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

Lymphatic Massage is often referred to as Lymphatic Drainage. Lymphatic drainage is a lymphatic massage therapy specially developed to stimulate the circulation of lymph fluid around the body. The practice is, in a sense, a gentle, rhythmic massage therapy. With this application, it is aimed to remove the wastes and toxins accumulated in the body from the lymphatic system and to accelerate the healing. Lymphatic massage helps prevent swelling after injury or surgery, as well as strengthen our immune system.

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy is a treatment method that supports the repair processes in tissues such as skin, muscle, tendon, bone, nerves, reduces inflammation and creates a pain-relieving effect in every area it is applied. Laser therapy accelerates tissue nutrition and healing; reduces edema. It increases cell regeneration by acting on tissue blood supply.

Colon Hydro Therapy

The ancient Egyptians believed that toxins formed as a result of decomposition in the intestines, entered the circulatory system from there, causing fever and pus. The ancient Greeks, on the other hand, adopted this idea, which they received from the Egyptians, developed it and transferred it to European civilization. In the 19th century, studies in biochemistry and microbiology supported the autointoxication hypothesis, and girth therapy was a very common practice.

ESWT Therapy

"Extracorporeal ShockWave Therapy" in English, with its Turkish translation "Shock Wave Therapy Applied Outside the Body" or shortly "Shock Therapy", is a new technique based on focusing the shock waves created outside the body on a desired area of ​​the body by means of an ellipsoidal steel dish, with the principle of "Spark Gap Technology". It is a 'non-invasive' form of treatment.

LPG Huber Lab Treatment

“Huber Motion Lab” aims to provide the body with mobilization, flexibility, strength and endurance with its programs installed on the system. With the advantage of working the muscles kinetic and functional, it includes applications where historical developments can be followed numerically, especially in terms of training the trunk muscles, coordination and balance.

LPG Allinace Treatment

The “Alliance” device works with a highly effective treatment method that should only be used by healthcare institutions and specialists. The device can be used in all age groups and body weights. While it can be applied independently, it has been observed that faster results are obtained in the treatment, especially if it works in coordination with the "Huber Motion Lub". Alliance medical application is realized with its roll/valve working at programmed speeds and dimensions. This roller/valve is placed on the healthy skin of the treated person and the treatment is performed by moving in a certain rhythm, pressure, measure and movement flow.

Ultrasound Treatment

Ultrasound is an effective treatment method used to reduce muscle spasms and pain by using mechanical effect and sound energy. It is among the most frequently used treatments due to its deep and superficial warmth and pain-relieving effects. It is used by applying sound waves and mechanical pressure to the body at the determined frequency and pressure intensity.

SIS Treatment

SIS is the coded term for the term “Super Inductive System”. The treatment is based on the logic of creating a therapeutic effect on the intense electromagnetic field. We can list these therapeutic effects as helping to relieve pain, heal fractures, support myorelaxation, myostimulation and joint mobilization. SISI is based on three different pain control theories. Each differs in the frequency spectrum. Therefore, SIS treatment helps to relieve all disorders, whether chronic or acute, in a short time.


Osteopathy is a treatment technique that emphasizes manual adjustments, myofascial release, and other physical manipulation of muscle tissue and bones. Osteopathy practitioners are called osteopaths. The origin of the word osteopathy is derived from 'osteo' meaning 'bone'. Although osteopathy is used in this sense, the applications for healing bone problems and relieving back and neck pain are understood, but the fields in which this science is applied are much more than expected.

Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a treatment technique that helps healing by controlling the therapist's 'cranial rhythm' and applying light pressure and massage therapy to certain points of the region from the coccyx to the skull. Craniosacral Therapy helps to mobilize and balance the intrabody fluid and to eliminate the negative effects in the central nervous system.


Reflexology is a type of massage technique. But the basic logic in this technique is based on the teaching that the feet are the mirror of the body. According to this Reflexology, the feet represent the human body and each point corresponds to a part of the body. It is based on the belief that the body responds to this by stimulating these areas through massage. With the reaction of the person to certain points, the problem in this represented region is tried to be determined and the problem in this region is tried to be resolved with the necessary manipulations.

Massage Therapy

Masaj Terapi hasta kişinin ya da yorgun bir organın rehabilitasyonu, yani yeniden eski durumuna dönebilmesi için organizmanın tümü üzerine tatbik edilen sistemli ve belirli mekanik enerji ile derinlerde anatomik, fizyolojik, fonksiyonel en yüksek tesir meydana getiren manipülasyonlar topluluğudur. İlk insan, acıyan ve ağrıyan yerini ovmakla acı ve ağrısının geçtiğini anladığı günden beri masaj tatbik edilmektedir.


Homeopathy is a treatment technique based on healing with the like. The word homeopathy is derived from the similar words 'homoion' and 'pathos' suffering. Homeopathy, for the first time in history, doctor, chemist and pharmacist Dr. It was founded and developed by Samuel Hahnemann. Dr. S. Hahnemann (1755-1843) came to the following opinion as a result of years of research and observations: "In a healthy person, taking the natural drug in the highest possible dose and the symptoms of the disease it may cause and the characteristic properties of the substance taken are the same."

Reiki Chakra Therapy

Reiki is defined as "Universal life energy". Being alive includes the meaning of being alive. Reiki consists of two words: "Rei" and "ki". In short, it is energy and healing. It is a very easy technique that can be learned by anyone. Reiki, unlike Ki, indicates a structure full of spiritual wisdom waiting to be awakened in humans as well as universal energy. As a result, it is emphasized that Reiki includes the meaning of spiritual life force gained with "Spiritual Wisdom".


It is a treatment technique that ensures the proper functioning of energy channels -such as blood circulation- by applying pressure to certain points in the human body. Acupressure has been used in Chinese medicine for over 4000 years. Modern scientific research confirms the benefits of this treatment technique. Pressure is applied to different pain points in the body according to the required treatment, so that the body structures are stimulated and the treatment is carried out.