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With RTM Stress Support Protocol
Don't let stress make you sick!
The problem of our age is stress. With our living conditions, responsibilities, and the burdens on our shoulders, stress becomes a part of our lives and becomes unmanageable. When you cannot manage your stress, the door to many diseases opens. If you do not know what to do in a stressful life, we are here for you with the Stress Support Protocol.
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What is RTM Stress Support Protocol?
Stress is actually one of the indispensable elements for the survival of life. Because stress helps the body stay active and protect us from dangers. However, when stress affects every aspect of life, it can be the cause of many diseases.
During stress, our body raises alarms and carries out processes with simple reflex responses at first, and then reveals many changes in functioning with permanent patterns.
The body mind, which is the first to respond to stress in the body, eliminates the effects of stress by executing reflex responses. However, if stress processes continue, the body mind cannot solve this problem with just a reflex response and reveals new functioning in the body with permanent patterns and changes. These processes also appear as diseases.
Our aim in the RTM Stress Support Protocol is to move the body to a state of well-being by solving the source of these new processes revealed by the body mind.
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Mayor Ozone Therapy
Acupuncture Application
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Mayor Ozone Therapy
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