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With RTM Migraine Support Protocol
Don't let migraine limit your life!
Migraine is one of the diseases experienced by 17 out of every 100 people in our country. If your life is restricted by migraine attacks and your headaches are no longer manageable, we are here for you with the Migraine Support Protocol to improve your quality of life!
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What is RTM Migraine Support Protocol?
Migraine is a clinical syndrome in which throbbing headache attacks are experienced, which usually occur unilaterally and can last for several hours or even a few weeks. The pain usually starts at the nape of the neck, temple or around the eyes, and may increase as you move. During migraine attacks, symptoms such as nausea and sensitivity to light and sound are often experienced.
From time to time, in some cases, symptoms such as visual disturbances, numbness in the arms and legs, loss of strength, and speech impairment may be observed to precede or accompany the pain.
When looking at diseases in the RTM System, diseases are examined with a three-fold structure:
Disruption in Systems
DNA Code Change.
The aim of the RTM System is not to directly suppress the symptoms of Migraine disease, but to eliminate the underlying factors of the disease, thus restoring the body to a state of well-being and returning the body mind to its previous settings.
For this reason, with the Migraine Support Protocol tailored to the individual, the source of the disease is resolved and the body is brought to a state of well-being.
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