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RTM Detox Therapy


It's cleaning time for your body!
If you tire yourself, if you feel sluggish, if problems such as headache, head extension, inability to perceive, and forgetfulness are on the person, reduce the burden of the burden with the heavy RTM Detox Therapy that is completely special for you, make a clean start to the summer!
Now is the time to cleanse your body!
We are waiting for you in our RTM Maslak clinic.
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What is RTM Detox Therapy?
Due to toxic foods, negative habits, living conditions, seasonal changes, and the normal functioning of the body, the amount of poison in our body increases and our body becomes polluted. It's a natural cycle because getting dirty is part of our lives. Our body cleans the poison in the body with the detox process it manages. However, the body may not be able to manage the detox process as it should be due to reasons such as deficiencies in detox organs (lung, liver, skin, etc.), high toxic load, and stress. In such cases, the body starts to accumulate wastes under the skin, and then instead of keeping the poison in the circulation, it has to form poison accumulations in the organs, tissues and systems. This causes negative consequences such as lack of activity in the organs.
While looking at diseases in the RTM System, we examine diseases with a triple structure:
Distortion in Systems
DNA Code Change
According to recent studies, pollution is the cause of many diseases from heart attack to Parkinson's disease, from allergic diseases to circulatory problems.
What needs to be done here is to support the body's detox process.
With RTM Detox Therapies, we first determine the contamination rate of the body by measuring the toxic level in the body, and detect the areas where poison accumulation is intense by thermal scanning. Afterwards, we implement the necessary applications in a number of individuals and support the well-being of the body.
With Which Applications?
Ozone Therapy
With ozone therapy, the effect of which has been proven by clinical applications in the last 25-30 years, free radicals accumulated in the tissues and circulation are actively cleaned.
Cupping Treatment (Hijama)
Hijama application, an ancient method with a long history, helps the body to clean by pulling out the toxic structures accumulated under the skin.
Vitamin Treatments
The body actively uses vitamins and minerals in this process and needs to take these vitamins from outside. Vitamin applications are carried out to support the detox process.
Thermal scanning
Toxicity Measurement
Cupping Treatment
Major Ozone Therapy
Vitamin Treatments
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