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RTM Supportive Treatments

RTM Detox Therapy

If you tire yourself, if you feel sluggish, if problems such as headache, head extension, inability to perceive, and forgetfulness are on the person, reduce the burden of the burden with the heavy RTM Detox Therapy that is completely special for you, make a clean start to the summer!

RTM Anti-Aging Therapy

In the RTM System, we consider diseases as the new adjustments of the body mind, and instead of eliminating diseases, we work for the body to reach full well-being. Thus, the body mind activates the settings before the disease and the body reaches a state of well-being.

Painful Menstrual (Dysmenorrhea) Support Protocol

Every woman menstruates an average of 400-450 times throughout her life. While some women experience their menstrual period without any problems, others lose at least 4 days of each month due to aches and pains.

Problem that every woman experiences at least once in her life: Cystitis. If you think that your quality of life has decreased due to chronic cystitis, if you find it difficult to live with cystitis, which disrupts your sleep patterns and causes discomfort and restlessness at the slightest negligence, we are waiting for you to bring your body to a state of well-being!

Migraine is one of the diseases experienced by 17 out of every 100 people in our country. If your life is restricted by migraine attacks and your headaches are no longer manageable, we are here for you with the Migraine Support Protocol to improve your quality of life!

The problem of our age is stress. With our living conditions, responsibilities, and the burdens on our shoulders, stress becomes a part of our lives and becomes unmanageable. When you cannot manage your stress, the door to many diseases opens. If you do not know what to do in a stressful life, we are here for you with the Stress Support Protocol.