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RTM Anti-Aging Therapy

With RTM Anti-Aging Therapy
Protect your health before you get sick!
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In the RTM System, we consider diseases as the new adjustments of the body mind, and instead of eliminating diseases, we work for the body to reach full well-being. Thus, the body mind activates the settings before the disease and the body reaches a state of well-being.
Today, environmental factors, sedentary life, difficulty in reaching good food, and the air we breathe increase our free radical toxic load in the body. Although the body can regulate this load up to a certain level, when it exceeds a certain limit, it causes damage to the organs and diseases.
Our aim with RTM Anti-Aging Therapy is to catch people before they get sick, without any damage to organs and tissues, and to restore the body to a healthy state in balance. In other words, to do preventive medicine by identifying the source before the disease. With Anti-Aging Therapy applications, we prevent the accumulation of toxic and heavy metals in the body and increase the antioxidant capacity.
If you want to have a balanced and healthy body, give us a call!