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What is RTM

Remember Regeneration Therapy Method (RTM) Medicine 3.0
RTM System; It is a holistic approach, it looks at the body and what the body reveals holistically. Instead of suppressing the symptoms, it deals with the diseases by going down to the source, within the framework of the source-cause-effect relationship. It is the most perfect and personalized synthesis of modern medicine and traditional medicine with system-specific diagnosis and treatment methods. It is positioned as RTM.
RTM: Medicine has existed almost since human history. The RTM system historically refers to the times when traditional methods were practiced as Medicine 1.0 until modern medicine came. Acupuncture, homeopathy, ayurveda and many methods from those times to the present began to be applied in this period, and the ones with proven success have survived to the present day. Modern medicine, on the other hand, is called Medicine 2.0, where branching, technology in diagnosis and treatment, many diseases can be named and many chemical drugs come into our lives. Medicine 3.0 or RTM system, on the other hand, is the application of modern and traditional medicine, which the founder Dr. Mustafa Yaşar has put forward with a different point of view, by taking the training of all the successful applications of Medicine 1.0 in his journey of more than 30 years as a physician trained in modern medicine. is an interdisciplinary, personalized synthesis.
RTM philosophy;
Holistic approach to the body; the body is a whole, the RTM system does not treat the body only as organs and systems and as the physically visible body. The RTM system examines the body in the form of three mes.
Electrical Body: Signaling, electrical potential of the body, (Ekg, eeg etc. for electrical potential measurements) is the body form consisting of electricity. The electrical body lies beneath a structure we call the matrix. In quantum physics, before the electric potential occurs, there is a structure that has a mind. As in the universal model, the electrical body, that is, negative positive charges, first revealed in the body, then these coordinate subatomic structures and universal laws. The matrix that drives the mind process is the functional mind of our body. When we say mind and intelligence, the brain and the body mind are different. What the cells need, the blood pressure level, what the blood pressure will be is coordinated with the functional mind of the body. It is the basic matrix structure that coordinates the functional mind. The basic matrix is ​​a different structure from the matrix found in the fascial structure of the body.
Chemical Body: It creates the chemistry of the body. Hormones, enzymes, metabolic values ​​are the body and neural structures that can be seen with laboratory analysis.
Physical Body: Our textural body form, cell structures, organs, tissues, systems, bones, muscles Intracellular information centers, which we call DNA, are also located in the physical body, they are fibrous structures.
This triple body form forms the body. The universal pattern is also manifested in the body. Our physical and chemical bodies are our visible bodies. Our electrical body structure is our invisible body structure. And the body is coordinated with the matrix that contains the concept called mind.
To deal with diseases within the framework of Source-Cause-Effect relationship;
RTM system “There is no disease, there is a patient!” He approaches his patients with his motto and looks at them holistically. It is based on the source-cause-effect relationship in diagnosis and treatment. While the same disease, the same complaint occurs from different sources in different people, the same sources reveal different causes and results in different people. The source is the root cause of the disease. The cause is the changes caused by the source. The result is the disease itself.
For example; Our patient, who came to our clinics with the diagnosis of osteochondritis, has been complaining about his knees for years and has been increasing gradually. The result of our patient is osteochondritis. The reason is damage to the articular cartilage and surrounding tissues. It is increasingly difficult to walk, the pain increases, and the mobility decreases. RTM examines this patient according to the RTM system and determines that the source is actually a blockage in the bladder energy line and system. Although the result showed itself in the knee, the patient's complaints increased despite all the different treatments applied, since the source was not found and resolved. RTM phytotherapeutics are at the center of the patient's treatment. In addition, supportive, natural treatment methods that accelerate the process are applied. The ability to walk comfortably again without surgery and without using chemical drugs with RTM treatments after the detection of the source is just one example of tens of thousands of patients in the nearly 30-year history of the RTM system.
In all RTM treatments, the most important element of the treatment is RTM Phytotherapy. RTM Phytotherapeutics; It is produced exclusively for RTM patients in RTM Nutraceutical Industry. All R&D and P&D studies of RTM phytotherapeutics, whose success and effectiveness have been proven with increasing number of academic articles and tens of thousands of patients who have recovered, are carried out within the body of RTM Nutrasötik Sanayii.
At the point where modern medicine has reached today, it successfully diagnoses many diseases and names the disease. The RTM system, on the other hand, focuses on the source of the disease, not the name. Not every high blood pressure patient has had high blood pressure for the same reasons. The named disease is the result in the RTM system, eg blood pressure, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer. The body has manifested this disease for certain reasons, the RTM system descends to the originating source of these causes.
“Health is the existence in harmony with all the models of the body, and diseases are the new life values ​​of the body, not the consequences that must be suppressed.” What we need to do in order to lead a healthy life is to return the body to its original life values.
RTM Treatment System is a first in the world with its philosophy, approach to patients and diseases, diagnosis and treatment methods, nutraceutical industry and academy.
Dr. Mustafa Yaşar
RTM (Remember Regeneration Theraphy Method System Founder)