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Preventive Medicine

Maintaining & Upgrading Health in the RTM System
The preventive health approach of the RTM system aims to keep people healthier by protecting their health, and for patients to complete their treatment processes faster. The preventive health approach in RTM, which examines the formation of the disease in the "source cause and effect" relationship, is in the form of coordinating the processes related to the pollution of the body and the deterioration of the systems, which is the basis of the "source" part. When contamination and system disruptions are corrected, the transition to DNA code change, in which disease-related processes/edits begin, is eliminated. With this approach, healthy individuals remain healthier, and the recovery process of sick individuals occurs faster.
Natural Support and Therapies
In this context, the screening methods used in the diagnostic module of the RTM system determine the pollution levels and deterioration in the systems, and preventive health-related processes are planned. The process of cleaning against pollution is supported by coordination with applications such as hijama and ozone. In addition, the deterioration in the system is intervened with methods such as IV therapy applications, ozone and hijama.
Applications such as ozone, cupping, etc. used in the field of preventive health are explained in detail under our Health Guide Section. Here, we will give information about IV therapy, which has recently started to be applied in the world.
IV Therapy
The word "intravenous" in English, used as IV for short, means "intravenous" applications in Turkish. In IV therapies, vitamins and minerals are injected intravenously in special combinations. IV therapies are an accepted and widely used method in the international health field.
In IV therapy, specially blended vitamins and minerals are injected directly into the bloodstream. The aim of this safe and effective method is to deliver vitamins and minerals directly to cells and tissues. IV Therapy applications ensure that organs and systems work at maximum level and help the body stay healthy by increasing its resistance.
In the RTM system, IV therapies are planned individually. The main point in this planning is the "Triad of Diseases" in RTM physiopathology. This is Contamination, Deterioration of Systems and DNA Code Change. DNA code change is an indication of the beginning of disease processes. The cause of DNA Code Change is contamination and disruptions in systems, which are other elements of the “disease triad”. For this reason, in order to eliminate disease processes and to be healthier, pollution, which is the 2 element of the triad, should be intervened with detox, and interventions should be made in order to turn system deterioration into a healthy working order so that disease processes do not occur and the body can remain healthy. In this context, when planning IV therapies in the RTM system, the required mixtures are applied considering the patient's contamination processes and the irregularities in the systems.
In IV applications, mainly vitamins and minerals are used, and sometimes they are supplemented with ozone and enzymatic ingredients.
Who Needs Intravenous (I.V.) Therapy?
Inability to think clearly, difficulty concentrating, lack of motivation, confusion, forgetfulness
bloating and gas
Skin problems and acne
sleep problems
Excessive cravings for sweets
Sinus ailments
Constipation or diarrhea
Purple bags under custody
menstrual problems
Frequent infections
Necessary IV therapies can be applied to people who are faced with these conditions.