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Remember Re-Generation Therapy Method

What is RTM?

RTM, Dr. It is a holistic (integrative) diagnosis and treatment system that Mustafa Yaşar has created by synthesizing 25 different traditional and complementary medicine methods with the findings of modern medicine, benefiting from his more than 20 years of medical experience. RTM approaches the patient with the body structures that he/she describes, gets down to the cause of the disease, deals with the process and plans the treatment.

Since the establishment of the system, 130 thousand cases have been experienced on 40 thousand different patients. Most of these patients either achieved a complete cure or achieved significant improvement. All these treatments were designed and applied with a holistic approach according to the Remember Re-Generation Therapy Method (RTM) system.

Stage 01

First Stage

The patient is in full health within the framework of the protocols of the RTM system, together with his current medical drugs.

Stage 02

Second Stage

The patient is in full health with only RTM system protocols without the need for current medical drugs.

Stage 03

Last Stage

The patient is in full health without the need for current medical medications and RTM System protocols.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa YAŞAR

Our Founder

Diseases are the body's new values ​​for survival.
In treatment, diseases are less than dealing with emerging values
It is best to deal with the source process.