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Rejoice the Pains!

It is one of the most frequently asked questions of today: "Does anyone have a pain reliever?" Pain, which is the body's early warning system, actually plays a key role in maintaining the standard of living and prevents larger diseases.
Although liking pain may seem like an 'incongruous' desire at first, pain is one of the sine qua non of a healthy life. In the human body, which has many protective systems to survive, the most important early warning system is pain. A good understanding of the body's protective systems helps to prevent possible ailments.
Pain, which does not mean a disease by itself, heralds the danger at the door. Contrary to what is generally known, pain occurs not only with nerve cells, but with the combination of many cellular activities. 'Pain' is among the effects of cells that activate when something goes wrong in the body.
In dangerous situations such as injury, pain is felt by instantaneous signals sent to the brain. Sometimes a lack of oxygen and sometimes a tissue that needs to be repaired can cause pain. For example, when nerve pressures occur due to an injury in the lower back, the brain produces pain chemicals to protect the damaged area. Pain chemicals sensitize these areas, allowing careful action in the face of contractor movements.
But not every signal can be responded to as pain, not every damage to the body means pain. The brain evaluates the incoming signals depending on many factors; It makes you feel no or a lot of pain.
The most important thing is not to get rid of the pain, but to learn why the pain occurs. Any painkiller application that will ignore the causes invites new damage and creates irreparable results. Just as the pain caused by low oxygen in the brain, which signals problems such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and stroke, is overlooked.
The essence of the word: Pain is the most important signal that thinks about the health of a person in his life adventure.
So pain equals life...